Varieties of Paeonia suffricuttosa (Moutan )



The peony called Paeonia suffruticosa or Moutan Peony has been divided, in the new botanical classification, into 5 different species: Paeonia decomposita, Paeonia jishanensis, Paeonia ostii, Paeonia quii, Paeonia rockii. To simplify matters, we will use the old name for all the varieties that cannot be unambiguously classified into the new categories
The main characteristic of Moutan peonies is their very large flowers, sticking out from the leaves; the leaves generally have smoother edges and are thinner than those of hybrids of lutea.
The plants usually have slower growth. .

Varieties of Paeonia Rockii (Rock’s Variety or Joseph Rock).





The Paeonia rockii is one of the most beautiful and rare peonies of our collection. It has been named after Joseph Rock, the famous 18th century “plant hunter” who was the first to describe this peony in the wilderness and import it to Europe. Despite its recent introduction, it is already very well known and sought after by amateurs .

Paeonia rockii (U.K form):

Rare botanical species with great decorating value. It has enormous flowers and they can be single or semi-double; the petals are white with rose fades and large purple-red spots at the base. The plant is outstandingly vigorous and fast growing. Dark green leaves with a characteristic shape. Early flowering. .

Hybrids of Paeonia lutea






The crossings between peonies belonging to thae Moutan group and Paeonia delavayi and its sub-species lutea and potanini are usually called “Lutea Hybrids”. These hybrids have some characteristics that make them quite different from the Japanese, Chinese and French varieties belonging to the Moutan group: the yellow or variegated flowers of many varieties, their rapid growth, their remarkable vigor and their late flowering.

Our varieties of tree peonies

‘Brocaded Gown’ (Klehm):

Very large semi-double fragrant flowers. The intese rose petals are slightly curved and have dark red flares. Good size plant. Mid-early bloom


‘Shimane Chojoraku’:

Unusual and very interesting variety for its mauve color; it has large semi-double flowers. The base of the petals has the Paeonia Rockii’s characteristic dark spot. Mid-size plant. Mid-early bloom .

‘Duchesse de Morny’:

Large semi-double flowers; the petals are pale rose with lavender hints and darker tip. Free flowering and hardy plant. Early flowering. One of the oldest and most wide-spread French varieties.

‘Hana Kisoi’: (rivalità floreale)

Enormous semi-double flower; the clear pink-rose petals are slightly curled and perfect for cutting. Vigorous and good sized plant. Early bloom .


very pale rose double flowers,  with a darker rose base. Very vigorous, middle sized plant.  Late bloom.


‘Shima Daijin’: (ministro delle isole)

very large semi-double dark red flowers. One of the most famous japanese varieties.

Mid sized plant, with a nice decorative effect even when not in bloom. Early bloom.

‘Taiyo’ (the sun):

very large semi-double flowers; the brigth ruby red dented red petals are often curled. The vigorous and good sized plants have reddish leaves. Ealry bloom


‘Yae Zakura’:

Pure pink vary large semi-double flowers carried on a vigorous plant. Early bloom.